Amazon FBA – Bonus Tool

Bonus Tool

Amazon's scanner app

The Amazon Seller App is another tool you can use to identify potential products on the go. When you’re walking around the store, you can pop this out and look for potential items to sell. The app is free with your pro seller account. Download the app available via iOS or Android and log into your account. This populates the revenue calendar in conjunction with scanning for products.

How to use it?

In your home section of the App, click on the camera on the top right and scan the UPC barcode on a product. This will bring up the listed product that is available on Amazon. Now you can see whether this product is worth selling based on the margins. Seller Fulfilled means you are responsible for shipping each order sold. Amazon Fulfilled means Amazon will ship each order sold.

Let’s use Amazon Fulfilled and insert the figures to determine your potential profit. Over time you’ll get used to using this method in deciding whether it’s a good product to sell.

Sellers use this tool for Retail Arbitrage in addition to looking for other products.


Most people go to the clearance sections of their local retailers to find great deals. You can also go to your neighboring retailers to clear out their entire inventory.

You can find products at the dollar store that sometimes sell on Amazon for 7x the price, or more!