Amazon FBA – Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11

Growing Reviews

Getting more reviews

Jump Send makes everything easy for you with templates and suggested styles of templates. We usually customize our own template so we can cater the language to the audience that we are selling to.

Send e-mails to gain reviews

Let’s pretend your product is in the golf category. The theme of the message may be more professional and elude to golfing terms.

Now that you’ve chosen a template. Jump Send has developed a sequence chain for you to automate your e-mails. This feature is great because you can set up e-mails to be sent out on certain days in the buyer’s cycle. You can send out an e-mail when the item has been delivered, a follow up asking how it is and another asking for a review or feedback. Below are templates and guidance on how a sequence can be set up.

If your item is something a person would use immediately, send a follow up sooner rather than later to keep you top of mind. If your product is something they’ll use a week or two later, set up a longer e-mail sequence to check in.

While selling your product is important, customer service is equally as important. This is vital if you want to make yourself stand apart from the rest of your competitors.


Use Fill Tags to make your email more personable.

Buyer Full Name - {{ Buyer Name }}
Buyer First Name - {{ Buyer First Name }}
Product Name - {{ Product Name }}
Product ASIN - {{ Prouduct ASIN }}
Order ID - {{ Order ID }}
Tracking Link - {{ Tracking Link }}
Enter in the {{ }} Tag you want in your email to make your email more personable.

E-mail examples:

First e-mail set to send on 0 Days.

Subject: Thanks for your order of Golf Product!

Hello {{ Buyer First Name }},
Thank you for your recent purchase of Golf Product!
I just wanted to let you know your product has been shipped. Golf Product allows you to perfect your swing in just a matter of minutes (benefit statement of product). Just place the gear onto your existing golf club and you’re ready to go! (instructional statement). Improve your skills and lower your golf score (benefit statement)!
Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, so please let us know if there is anything that we can do to improve your experience.
In the meantime, you can track the progress of your order at this link: {{ Tracking Link }}

Thank you very much,


Second e-mail set to send two days after order has been delivered.

Subject: Product Alert!

Hi {{ Buyer First Name }},
It’s been about two days since you received your product, and we just want to make sure you’re satisfied with the product and its delivery. We’re a small business and rely on Amazon to handle the packaging and shipping of our products. If there is anything wrong or you did not receive it for some reason, please contact Amazon immediately.
Thanks again for your purchase. We are here if you need anything else. Now get out there and practice those strokes.




End your email with a first name to really connect with the buyer. This gives them the feeling of interacting with genuine customer support and gives the message a small business feel.

Third e-mail set up seven days after delivery.

Subject: How’s your golf game?

Hey {{ Buyer First Name }},
Last week you picked up the golf product from us and we wanted to personally follow up on your purchase.
Golf Product was tested by professionals and we have received great feedback.

"Golf Product is the simplest concept to improve your putting stroke and lower your score for Golf Results Now"
- John Watson, PGA 1961 PGA Pro Golfer of the Year

If there is anything that we can do to improve your experience with your purchase, please let us know by replying to this e-mail. If you are happy with the Golf Product, we would really appreciate your feedback. Please leave us a product review. Your review will help educate consumers making a purchase.

{{ Product Review Link:Product Review Link }}



For better results, give tips, advice, or best practices on how to use the product. The customers will find more value and be more likely to give you a review when you ask for it in your later emails.

Fetcher — Jungle Scout’s accounting software

A Tip to Combine Fetcher to JumpSend

This is a great tool provided by the same team over at Jungle Scout. They really know their stuff since they have gone from A to Z with Amazon selling. They created Fetcher to help manage the entire sales process. It’s a beautiful financial management system. Amazon’s reports sector is a little outdated and it’s not easy to manage its reports. Fetcher will allow you to manage your business better through simple dashboards.

Since you already have Jump Send recommended in our launch guide, you can use Fetcher and Jump Send hand in hand. See below for this additional strategy.

Jump Send will help you reduce the number of refunds and also gather feedback for you. It is important to note that whenever a customer returns an item to Amazon, you get charged extra fees by Amazon. You may also receive negative customer reviews and feedback on your account. This goes back to the importance of customer service which is exactly where Fetcher comes in.

Amazon’s priority is customer experience, where return policies favor the buyer over the sellers, therefore it is important to stay on top of your return rate. The buyers have a 30-day window to return products and if too many come back, your listing can also be temporarily suspended. Don’t be afraid if it does, you just repost the listing and you’ll be good to go. But if this happens, it really is a red flag to pay attention to the reason why people are returning your product. If the issue is not fixed, over the course of time sales will fall rapidly.


If your product quality continues to receive poor feedback, talk to your supplier about improvements to address the poor reviews. They want to keep you as a customer and ensure that the quality of their goods are up to par, so ideally, they will be willing to work with you.

It is important to have an e-mail sequence go out after delivery so you can gather feedback, reviews, and mitigate any negative comments from customers. If a customer is confused on how to utilize your product, they may opt to return it when this could have been mitigated with a simple e-mail about the product’s use.

Unfortunately, not all refunds are preventable. In those cases, Fetcher and Jump Send are your go-to tools.

Set up an auto-responder via Jump Send to initiate a response sequence. You’ll set this up in section two after you select your product.

You can then set up a sequence of e-mails to gather information about the reason for the return and incentivize future purchases. We suggest you convey the following ideas.

Sympathize with the customer: “We see that you’re not happy with your product, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Your feedback is very important to us. May we ask why you are looking to return this item?”

Offer Assistance: “Can I help you with the set-up of your product or send you a replacement?”

Offer incentives: You can give a discount or partial refund to prevent return of the product.

Even if the product has been returned, this outreach may lead to positive seller feedback because of your customer support.

Fetcher allows you to reach out to customers manually based on the order ID as well. This allows you to customize outreach. Amazon is strict on customer outreach.

Tools Mentioned in This Chapter