Amazon FBA – Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 15

Closing Notes

Closing notes

Congratulations on finishing your Qwuicky course. We hope the course was as much enjoyable as it was to read for you as it was for us to write. We're super excited to share all of these tips and trips and we hope you're able to take away a thing or two. We're always updating and putting more tips, as well as adding more courses. To summarize, here are some things to do and not to do. If you want to join our online discussion community, make sure you join our group on Facebook.

If it was that easy, we'd all be rich.
Practice = Perfect.

What not to do

Let your inventory go out of stock

• Amazon does a good job letting you know and estimating when you’re running out of inventory. This will give you a decent indicator so you can cross check your manufacturing and delivery time based on your experience with your factory. Sellers lose momentum if the product runs out and the listing goes down during that time. At the same time, don't overstock when not needed. We once had to pay $20,000 for small items as a fee for extended storage!

Violating Amazon Terms of Services

• The methods and tips we provide are all tried and true. There are other various methods out there that push the boundaries of Amazon Terms of Services. We can only tell you to proceed at your own risk with those strategies. Amazon is very strict on banning your account. Your business information, e-mails, addresses, and even IP addresses may get flagged if you try to open a new account.

Not responding to Customer Inquiries

• As mentioned, customer service is key. You typically have 24 hours to respond to a customer and if you don’t respond within that time, you risk getting negative feedback as a seller or on your product. It is important to have someone help maintain this or set your account on vacation mode if you are unable to tend to your account.

What to do

Remove incorrect feedback

• Feedback and reviews are factors that buyers take into consideration. Sometimes they look at how many stars you have on your product. There are instances where you may receive a poor review based on delivery experience. If this happens, you can kindly request that this be reviewed by Amazon Customer Service.

• All in all, you want to reach out to your customers and address their concerns. You’ll be surprised at how many customers are willing to remove negative feedback based on your stellar customer service.

Continue to learn and adapt to Amazon’s marketplace. As long as you play by the rules. There is always money to be made. Sometimes we JS Opportunity score of 8 while randomly browsing the web late at night, and other times we can't seem to get past a 5!


Congratulations on making it to the end of this guide. While this is an in-depth guide, it’s extremely condensed. We believe it provides almost everything you need to know to get started. This guide is meant as a future reference point as you build out your Amazon business.

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