Amazon FBA – Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14

Additional Tools: ZonPages

Rank with ZonPages

Follow instructions provided to you by ZonPages to set everything up. Below we’ll show you more advanced methods to rank your product using ZonPages as a tool.

How to use ZonPages

Start by going to the left side of Pages > Landing Pages > Create Landing Page.

Look up your product ASIN and copy it into the form. Pull down the country you’re selling in and click “search”.

Once generated, you can create a landing page.

Make sure your full price matches the price you’re selling on Amazon.
Set up the discounted price by toggling to the percent off on the right.

Click next and you’ll go to the “Claim Codes” section next.
With the claim codes you’ve generated via Seller Central, import the .txt file that was created for you. You can find how to create promotional codes in Chapter Ten.

The key is to collect their e-mail address to build a customer e-mail list. As e-commerce continues to grow, it’s become more important to build your own e-mail list of customers for marketing purposes.

You want to make sure to click store unverified e-mails so you can collect e-mails regardless of whether they used your codes.

Limiting claim codes daily is up to you. This will be based on your product offering and how many products you need to sell to get to the ranking you desire. Ideally you can put a cap or a max on it so you don’t jeopardize future sales for the following day.

This page is how you configure your landing page and what you want shown. To brand your product it would be great to incorporate your logo into the landing page. The “Offer Timer” option is up to you as its a marketing tactic to urge the buyer to purchase now.

You’re able to move these sections up and down to configure your landing page.

If you need to edit the content, go into the Title/Picture gallery section to amend your listing and configure pictures. The first picture is what will be displayed on your landing page.

The template section allows you to configure your color scheme. We advise that if you have a color scheme to your product or web page that you stay consistent so that you maintain brand recognition. Can you tell me the color of Coca-Cola? You probably said red and white. This is the same concept for marketing and branding a company. It’s these small details that pay out in the long run.

The name/URLs section is extremely important as this is an area you can focus on converting customers. This data pulls from your listing but you can put something better, for instance, “Premium Double sided Soft Tanning Mitt by Cococabana”.

Target URL: You can incorporate your various URLs here as a strategy. For instance you can use an affiliate link, a super URL, or a normal link generated by ZonPages.

In this section, you want to make sure customers trust the site as they can be skeptical on offers. An easy way to make sure sure your sub domain section is recognizable.

A key strategy you can incorporate is to use your own domain and forward it to the ZonPages link.

Once you are done, review your landing page. Make any tweaks necessary such as switching images around, pricing changes, buttons and color schemes.

Tools Mentioned in This Chapter