Amazon FBA – Chapter Seven

Chapter 7

Creating a Product Listing

Now you've got your product, it's time to list it!

Create a product listing on Amazon

Step 1

Log into your seller central account.
Click on Inventory and click on add a product. If you’re selling your own product, you will create a new product listing.

Step 2

Based on the product you chose to source and the category it’s in, you’ll need to create a product listing. Click into the categories that best fit how consumers will search for your product.

Step 3

Enter in required information into each section. You can always come back to this and edit your information.

Step 4

In your fulfillment channel, you’ll want to choose the second option.

Fulfillment Channel
• I want to ship this item myself to the customer if it sells – Fulfill by Merchant
• I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell – Fulfillment by Amazon

Once you finish these steps and set up your basic information, you will be allowed to go into your inventory to set up your packing and shipping.