Amazon FBA – Chapter Ten

Chapter 10

Create a Promotion

Basics of creating a promotion on Amazon

Creating a promotion is necessary to use the third-party apps such as Jump Send, Facebook ads, and many others. Below are steps and advice in creating a coupon code.

Create a promotion!

In your seller central account, head to the advertising section and click on “Promotions”.

Before you can create a promotion, you’ll want to set up which products you’ll be creating coupons for, so click on “Manage Product Selection”.

On the left, select “Product Selection Type” in the dropdown menu. We usually choose by ASIN List. Click on it and then select “Create Product Selection”.

From here you’ll input the one ASIN or all the ASIN you want to be part of this coupon creation. Typically, when you’re starting out you’ll begin with one.

Your ASIN is located in your “Manage Inventory” section. Decide which product you’ll be creating a coupon for and input it in the ASIN list.

Based on Amazon’s suggestion, customize your own product selection name or tracking ID. The rule of thumb is to track your products by variations whether that is, color, type, size or quantity.
Example: ProductAbbreviation_color_type_variation = FS_ORA_25PK

In the internal description, we usually select: Product Name, % Off, and the ideal platform we’re using, such as Jump Send or Kibly.

Now that this is created, you can go to “Create a Promotion” and “Create Percentage Off”.

As you become more familiar with various advertising strategies, you can adjust accordingly, but these steps will take you through the fundamentals.

Step 1

Buyer Purchases: At least this quantity of items at 1. — Leave this setting.
Purchased Item: Click the drop down and choose the “Product Selection” you just created.

Buyer gets: Percent Off — you will adjust accordingly to the amount of percent you want to discount.

Most of the third party companies will advise you to create a coupon code in the range of 50 percent to 99 percent. We usually see the average percent discount codes for 70 percent to 90 percent off. Use these figures to determine your cost of giveaways.

Step 2

On Step 2, you can schedule your campaigns to go live anytime. The systems will advise you to start a campaign four to six hours ahead of the current time when creating this coupon to properly get set up.

When using systems such as Jump Send, you’ll want to make sure these are properly aligned. Its set up processes will walk you through these steps as well.
The Internal Description and tracking ID will depend on your personal preferences.

Step 3

In the Claim Code section, you will want to choose “Single-Use”, which means the code will be valid one-time. (This prevents people from sharing their code or using it multiple times)

One redemption per customer: Leave this checked. You can choose to change this in future coupons as you become familiar with different strategies. This will allow customers to use more codes. For your first time, leave it checked.

Claim Code: This will be greyed out automatically if you’re using Single-Use Claim Codes.

Claim Code Combinability: Leave it on “Exclusive”. You can allow customers to combine coupons or you can elect to restrict it to a single promotion per customer.

We usually leave the text displays untouched.

Once done “Click Review”.

If your discount is greater than 70 percent Amazon will generate a warning.

You can proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Create your Coupon Codes.
You need the Coupon Codes for third-party systems. They will ask you to upload the files or manually copy and paste the list into their systems.

Click on “View” or modify your promotion.

Choose “Manage claim codes”.

Enter your group name. As an example, we put number of quantity, campaign, and system we’re using.

Choose the quantity of coupon codes you want created. This will be dependent on the number you are giving away and how many are left on third-party systems.

You can always come back to this campaign and create more claim codes. Just repeat the steps.

When you hit create, it will generate your group below.

Simply hit refresh and the download button will be available to you.

Anytime you need more coupons, go to this section and create a new Group Name and another set. This will be mapped to the promotion you set up originally and will therefore always be a 90 percent coupon.

Download the file and open the Zip file.
Below are the discount codes that Amazon has generated for you.

According to the third party tool you’re using, it will instruct you to upload the file or copy and paste these codes into its system. It will automatically distribute these codes. Once they’ve been given away, the promotion is finished.

You have just created your Coupon/Claim code. Feel free to repeat these steps for future campaigns or when you want to create coupon codes for your friends and family as well.

Free exposure

We also want to show you a strategy to gaining free extra ad space, allowing your product to be shown more often when people search for it.

Amazon customers like to search in the best sellers or new releases category. This is where you’ll see products that get these types of badges associated with the listing.

If your product is a Hot New Release but not necessarily a best seller, it will show up on the right hand side when browsing the Best Seller category. So regardless if Rank 1 is selling 1,000 units a month and you’re only selling 300, if you’re a hot item, you’ll be shown on page 1 on the right hand side under New Releases.

This strategy can be achieved with effort or naturally with your product over time. Keep in mind, the new release feature will only last for a certain period until it loses the badge. The ones that typically stay are the best seller’s badge or Amazon’s choice. These are based on Amazon’s algorithms which factor in sales volume, reviews, and more.

As with the picture above, your goal is to obtain this free exposure by having your product shown on the top 100 or on the right side under best seller. Below we walk you through how to calculate this using your Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Tool.

Using your search term “weighted blanket” in the Amazon search bar, you’ll see what populates. As mentioned in the previous posts on understanding the rankings you will pull the numbers with your JS Chrome Extension.

Now you take the sales figures and divide the top four by 30 to see how many you need to sell per day. Let’s take the first product. (JS does not pull sponsored ad listings.) This first product gives us 35.4 a day in sales which means you need to sell more than that per day to get to the No. 1 spot.

Click on the first product on that listing which would be brand YnM.
Scroll down to where the BSR (Best Seller Rank) information is and click on its subcategory “bed blankets”.

This will produce all the top products that fall under the subcategory “bed blankets”.

If you pull the Jungle Scout numbers, it will show very competitive numbers. You’re not competing for that space, but you’re looking to make gains on the top right under new releases.

To be the best seller you need to sell more than 200 units a day to reach the top of this subcategory.

Click on “Top 100” on the top right in the “New Releases” section and then pull data from your JS Chrome Extension.

To take the No. 1 spot on new releases you only need to sell 18.73 units a day.

It may be tough to claim a spot as an overall top seller at 30 units a day, but you may be able to achieve a new release badge with 20 units a day. As always, getting to the No. 1 spot depends on the keywords you use.

This gives you a base understanding of how to achieve these types of badges. If you sell “X” number of units to earn a new release or top seller badge you may have an opportunity to get free exposure and capitalize on more sales.

Tools Mentioned in This Chapter