Amazon FBA – Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13

Picture Listing Optimization

How to utilize pictures

One of the most popular brands on Amazon is Anker’s portable battery chargers. Click here to Anker’s product listings to reference how an optimized listing looks and to see the type of pictures they use.

Getting great pictures

Each picture showcases the benefits and value-add of the product. Anker does a great job with lifestyle pictures and different product uses.

This keychain is an example of a poor listing optimization. The company has a single image, it is low quality, and it doesn’t have other pictures to showcase examples for its use.

How to get high-quality pictures

Need pictures for your listing and product description section but you’re not a graphic designer? There are plenty of resources online for hiring a graphic designer to help. is a popular marketplace to hire graphic designers. Its rates start at $5, hence the name and you hire designers listed on the site on a per-project basis. also has a large marketplace of freelancers. We’d recommend checking them out to gauge price differences between designers.

Take a look at the images from good listings and you can reference those to your fiverr or freelancer. There are some that will specifically specialize in creating Amazon listing photos for you as well. In addition you’ll want to create lifestyle images or other examples. Reference any Anker products for a good listing. Please make sure to adhere to Amazon picture rules before posting pictures to your product page.

Taking Photos

Taking good photos is not necessarily using an expensive camera. Most point and shoot cameras today are good enough – even the latest iPhone or Sansumg devices can result in amazing photos. Having the right tools for the job is very important. For smaller items, using a photo box is recommended to achieve images with good quality.

Here are some highly recommended affordable photo boxes fitting different size needs:

Emart 40 LED Foldable & Portable Photo Lighting Studio Tent
- Recommended Starter Box for small products (Built-in LED Lighting)

LimoStudio 16”x 16” Table Top Photography Tent
- Recommended for most Amazon products (Amazon’s Choice)

Elviros 24” x 24” x 24” Photo Lighting Studio
- Made for the slightly larger items, the Elviros is one of our favorites as you can shoot products up to 20” x 20” x 20” in size.

Other Equipment You Should Look At

Apple iPhone 8 Plus
- Definitely not the cheapest. Not recommended if you’re not looking for a new phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8
- Like the iPhone, it’s not the cheapest. Not recommended if you’re not looking for a new phone.

Canon PowerShot SX730
- Great point and shoot camera with 20.3 Megapixels

Canon PowerShot SX530
- Great SLR type point and shoot with 16 Megapixels if the SX730 is a bit expensive.

Canon EOS Rebel T6
- Latest Entry level SLR camera with 18 Megapixels for you to get started shooting professionally.

Neewer 800W Softbox Photography Kit with Backdrop
- Get two softboxes and two strobes, a bunch of backdrops and build your own studio for just $159.

Rotating Photo Base for 360 Degree Photography
- Use this to easily capture 360-degree photos by placing an object on a powered rotating base.

If you purchased one of the photo boxes listed above they all include lighting and recommended settings for shooting products. If you need to edit your photos, Lots of apps today can easily edit photos on the go with limited to no editing skills. If you require specific edits, you can always hire someone from Fiverr or Freelancer. Equipment posted above are purely recommendations and examples and not required to take photos.

Here at Qwuicky, we can also help you take professional images, for a fee. Just send us your products and get professionally taken images sent back to you in a few days! Visit our Photo Request Form for more info.

Tools Mentioned in This Chapter