Amazon FBA – Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Further Your Amazon Research

Some Links for Amazon Research.

Movers and Shakers, Bestsellers, New Releases, Most Wished For, and Most Gifted.

Here are links you can also use to gather inspiration on what’s trending. Check this every so often and go through departments you want to explore further. Every so often you can catch a product that’s moved to the top three of these categories and scores a six to eight because it’s in the early stages of the buying market.

Look at your neighbors.

One more strategy that allows you to identify products is to look at what other virtual FBA neighbors are selling. Click on the Jungle Scout listing here. When you’re on a product listing, below the product description, you can click on the sold by name.

This will bring you to their storefront link, click on this Jungle Creations Storefront.

This will display everything that’s sold under this brand. This will give you other product ideas to also source. Take inspiration from these and research their keywords. If you notice a seller is selling well but there’s room for improvement, that is an opportunity for you!