Company Quick Start Tools

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Design Tools

logonerds can get you a logo made for as little as $27. This isn't some random company copy and pasting logos. They help you create a logo to your specification. the way you want it. Check out their site for examples.
What would you do with $5? Buy a cup of coffee? A quick meal? Did you know, starting at just $5, Fiverr is a marketplace for you to browse all sorts of services from design services to writing services, even video editing services. Guess what - it all starts at $5. Learn More
48h can get you a logo made for as little as $29. Slightly more expensive than Logonerds, but ton's of great designers are on here. Browse the design examples to see if its right for you.
Are you a horrible writer? Or you're good at writing but you have limited time to put together a good article? is one of our favorite writing services out there that can help you streamline your content building process by writing relevant articles or posts for you.

Business Tools

Don't use your cell phone as your business line. Sound professional by getting a virtual business line. Companies like Virtual PBX start at $12.99 and comes with all the phone tools you need including audio conferencing and even call-recording!
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Payroll and HR headaches are over. Automatically file employee reports, pay taxes, and send paychecks with Gusto. It's just like magic. We use them for all of our companies and has been a breeze. For companies looking for more, even offer benefits!
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I'm the CEO. Congrats on your first business venture! Now you need some professional business cards to go with them. At PS Print, custom design your own professional business cards and get 60% off!
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As much as you hate it, you're going to have to write a check one day to pay your vendors. Why don't do you do it with style. Deluxe is one of the largest companies that provides checks, small and large, and lots of business forms for you to use.
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