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Jungle Scout is a tool founded by Greg Mercer in 2014 as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. Since then, it's become one of the best tools to use to research and scale your Amazon products. This is a tool you cannot ignore and is critical to your Amazon business.
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Jump Send is a tool founded by Greg Mercer, creator of Jungle Scout. It helps you get more sales, more reviews and increase your organic ranking with promotions and intelligently targeted email campaigns. Along with Jungle Scout, Jump Send is very critical to grow your customer loyalty and gain traction on product ranking.
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Feedbackwhiz is the ultimate all-in-one tool to boost your Amazon business for more sales, feedback, and reviews. Manage all the features and marketplaces with one login and platform. Automatically target positive feedback with smart selective requests. Track order status, find the best-selling products, pinpoint and promote to returning customers, and identify returns from a single window... and more!
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Are you confused with all of the fees and accounting with your Amazon account? The team from Jungle Scout created a home run product called Fetcher - the easiest way to get insights into the accounting health of your business. Although not necessary to Amazon sellers, it does simplify your accounting and assist with having less returns.
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Kibly is a newer contender to the suite of Amazon tools available online. When we first tried it, we didn't like it so much. Over the months, they've made updates and has become more and more user-friendly. The team from Kibly however, provides good information and is beta testing new software. Kibly offers very similar tools used in Jump Send and I'd keep my eye open and test both out to see which one you like better.
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AMZ Tracker is another tool that keeps tracking keywords a breeze. Although it's not really required when you first start your Amazon business, AMZ Tracker does bring very good valuable tools to help you pick out the right product. AMZ Tracker also has a similar tool like Jungle Scout, called Unicorn Smasher, and can be used in researching sales information.
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